day seven.

I have been trying to keep up some semblance of a habit and have been going to the gym here a little bit. I went yesterday and today I’m feeling it. The gym here is nice, though it’s not set up on FitLinxx so I have to manually log everything. Where my gym has 13 weight machines, the one here has 22. I didn’t go through all of them yesterday but I got myself a work out. I am hopefully going to a yoga class in an hour or so. Faith and I have been taking some walks around Spring Lake which has been nice, despite the big blisters I got yesterday from having worn the wrong shoes.

I was supposed to see my friend Melissa yesterday but she forgot about me :( She’s so crazy busy all the time and when her boyfriend asked her to pick him up from the airport, our meeting slipped her mind. Oh well, so it goes. I’m going to see her tomorrow, for real this time. I did get to have dinner with Fatt Matt and his lovely girlfriend Rachel. I love that guy so much and it was really great to see him. I think I’m going to meet up with them and a bunch of other people I haven’t seen in a long time tonight, which I’m looking forward to.

In other teacher sightings, I saw my sophomore year French teacher at the YMCA yesterday, a mousy little fellow who looks exactly the same. I never liked him much so talking to him didn’t cross my mind.

That’s about it, I guess. I kept having weird half-awake dreams this morning that were kind of making me upset. I don’t like when that happens. There is such a dichotomy of feelings in me right now and I wish that I could turn half of them off. I’m really frustrated…

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