day eight.

I made it to yoga yesterday and it was lovely. But my goodness, am I feeling it today. I was already sore from Monday’s work out and then yoga was kind of intense. I liked the teacher though and I would definitely like to continue doing it.

After that, I stopped by my mom’s office and we went to have smoothies. I went to my brother’s house but neither of us could figure out something to do so I sat on his couch while him and Kayla (his girlfriend) played World of Warcraft on two computers on different sides of the room. So I went to my grandpa’s house to visit with him and see my aunt, Reen. I stayed for Common Meal (they live in a co-housing community that is a pretty interesting place) and met a kid (well, he’s 16) named Sebastian who has really wanted to meet me. Reen had described him as ‘devastatingly handsome’ and I don’t know if I’d make that bold of a statement but I wouldn’t argue either. We talked about the East coast and bicycles and veganism and Portland. He just about convinced me to move there. I dunno, maybe.

I left there and went to Third Street Aleworks to meet up with Fatt Matt and Rachel again and Eric and Melissa and a couple people from my early high school days. It was fun and their garlic fries are really yummy. After that I went to Micah’s house to meet James and his new wife, Amber. She is really sweet and they seem so perfect for each other. I am so happy for James. Yay. I finally got home at about 10:30, which is actually really late for me. I was tired.

Then I had really weird dreams while going in and out of sleep this morning. I’ve been having some weird ones since being in CA but I actually remember most of this one… I was on a huge green field of turf (which kinda looked like dark green silly string; I have no idea what turf really looks like) and I was crawling across it, slowly and nearly out of breath, as if I was really tired. There were a few sets of concentric circles painted on the turf in yellow and blue (up to maybe 30 feet across), each circle having carefully placed figurines, one set with small football players, another with army men. I crawled across the field that was surrounded by a fog that made it look like it never ended. I did however, finally reach a huge sand dune which I knew surrounded the whole field. I started to try and climb it but it was very steep and the sand kept falling out from under me. I was holding a book that I kept dropping and having to go back down to get. When I got near the top and was trying to crest the hill, an Indian man was there that kept trying to pull me down (random). I was able to get over the top of the dune with my book in hand and on the other side was a vast plain covered in snow. It wasn’t at the same level as the field had been, it was only a foot or so lower than the top of the sand. I grabbed two handfuls of sand and watched it slip through my fingers onto the surface of the snow. I stepped onto the snow, walked on top of it a couple feet, and then turning around to face where I’d come from, I fell back. The snow wasn’t cold at all and it turned out to be about 7 feet deep. I sank into it, holding my book to my chest with my eyes closed until I came to rest on the ground. I opened my eyes and saw the outline of my body in the snow above me and the blue sky beyond. An intense physical feeling of pleasure and sadness washed over me and I woke up.

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