day eleven.

Yesterday was busy, as most days have been, it seems.

I took mom and Gregg to the airport (well, Gregg drove, I slept in the back) at 6am, I came back to town to go to yoga (though the teacher didn’t show up so those of us that came did it for a while to a prerecorded disc which was kind of lame), I got an oil change in my mom’s car, met Faith at Aroma’s since we haven’t hardly hung out this week, and then we went to Jesus Night at the Phoenix (due to Matt and Eric’s insistence).

When we got to Petaluma and I saw Matt, I ran up and jumped on his back but he wasn’t expecting it so his balance was off and we fell over and knocked over a painting done by Brian Mede (the guy Matt had been standing there talking to and the pastor that runs the thing). I felt really bad. And Matt made me feel really bad. Jokingly, of course.

It was a total flashback for Faith and I to when we were 15 and 16 when they had a similar thing going on there. We stayed for a little music and Brian’s message (he totally talks like a Calvary Chapel pastor) and then after saying goodbye, I went to apologize to Brian again and we talked for a little bit.

Faith and I drove home with the windows down, a mix I made her blaring, smoking cloves like old times. It was fun.

Then it was off to bed by 10 to get up at 5:15 this morning to leave for SoCal. The drive down the interstate is so boring and straight and long. California has had a really dry year apparently, so everything is dry and brown. But sometimes you’ll drive by a field of say, tomato plants, and it is shockingly bright green. And I’m always surprised at the mountains down here, at how tall they are and how many there are. But it’s so smoggy and hazy in the valley, they don’t look too pretty. I hit hardly any traffic and made good time, getting here almost an hour ago. I’m not supposed to meet up with Laura until six so I’m sitting at a Barnes & Noble (it took forever to find! and the internet isn’t even free..) trying to kill time. I’m excited for tonight and tomorrow. My two days back up north before I fly to VA are quickly getting booked. I’m afraid I’ll have too much to do. As usual.

I’m hungry.

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