the rest.

Day Twelve
Seeing Laura was wonderful. It had been such a long time but she is still a lot like I remember her only older, and wiser (as we all seem to have become since Bible college). We went on a bike cruise along the beach in Oceanside with Amy and a girl named Casey. It was a slow ride compared to what I’m used to but it was a beautiful day and not as crowded for a Labor Day weekend as we had thought it might be. We went to a young adults Bible study that night through Laura and Amy’s church, Calvary Chapel Living Hope. It was outside and they grilled for us and it was actually really enjoyable. I had gone to that church years ago when my ex-fiance was the worship leader there and it was nice to go again under different circumstances. There is a couple that goes there who I kinda knew at CCBC. Kevin worked on the summer crew (with Amy, Laura, and I) and he remembered my name which was very surprising. I don’t think I ever actually met Rachel but I recognized her and we talked a little while. She is super nice and has a great laugh.

Day Thirteen

We went to the church Sunday morning too, with Laura’s friend’s Summer and Nathan. It was the first time I’ve been to an evangelical church like that in almost a year but it was a good experience. We all went out to eat afterwards and I found out that my (mom’s) car had a flat tire back at Laura’s house. Thankfully, Laura’s dad was super nice and fixed it all up for me before we even got there. So it was off to Murrieta for Noelle and Jacob’s wedding.

It was weird being at Bible college again. The campus looks pretty much exactly the same but the town has multiplied. So many buildings have gone up now! A big development across the street from the school makes it feel less like a bubble which is probably nice for those students that don’t drive (ie, me my first semester). The wedding was beautiful and I have never seen a girl so giddy to be getting married. I recognized Jacob from school but I had never actually met him back then. I was struck by how tall he is (6’4″ I hear). I saw my old roommate Andee and her friend Kayla and we hung out at the ceremony and reception. The reception was outside and it was the perfect weather. Andee and I waited in line for what felt like forever to take a picture with Noelle and Jessica, another one of our roommates and one of the bridesmaids. It was so great to see them all. I stayed with Andee and Kayla that night and they were very generous.

Day Fourteen

I left Murrieta for a 7 hour drive about two hours early and traffic through LA and the valley wasn’t bad at all so when I got to Ventura, I decided to take Highway One up to Salinas. It was one of the most beautiful drives ever. It was breathtaking. Seriously. I can see how it’d be nicer going from North to South rather than the other way around but that just meant I had to get out of my car more often. I stopped at the Hearst Castle visitor center to use the bathroom and contemplated going but but decided against it. I made it to Salinas and met up with Ann. It was so nice to see her and catch up. Her parents were very kind and generous to let me stay there. We watched “Into the Wild” which I had been really apprehensive about but it turned out to be enjoyable. Long, but pretty good.

During my drive, I got a phone call from my mom that my grandpa had passed away that morning. It wasn’t a shock but it still… wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I had known that my trip out there would be the last time I saw him but I hadn’t expected it to happen while I was there. I am really glad that I got to spend some time with him. The co-housing community had a lovely little impromptu ceremony for him which sounds like it was lovely. I wish I had been there for it. So now I have lost my last grandparent but I am thankful that I knew him.

Day Fifteen

I drove back home from Salinas to spend some time at my mom’s and have dinner and meet Gregg’s kids (though only Hannah ended up coming) and his sister. I made apple crisp and carrot cake and it was yummy. I stayed in the trailer that night out in front of the house because my aunt was staying in the guest room. It was kind of a little adventure.

Day Sixteen

I hadn’t gone to the gym for six days (I still haven’t, making it nine days) so I went for a run. I don’t know if I do it wrong or something but I get winded so quickly and my chest will hurt for a long time. It is very uncomfortable. I went back home and my mom and I went to Cotati to go through some of my grandpa’s things and see my aunt. We looked through a lot of pictures and it was nice to remember growing up with him. I left there to see Faith one more time and have dinner with my dad and Kathy. I was so exhausted that day but didn’t want to sleep cause I wasn’t sure I’d get back up again. But I slept well that night and rose early to get my stuff and go to my mom’s.

Day Seventeen

I can’t believe how fast almost two and a half weeks went by. I got to do almost everything I wanted and I saw almost everyone I wanted but I think I could have filled up another few days with things. My mom took me to the airport with a small breakfast detour into Sausalito. It was a beautiful day and a lovely little bay side coffee place we stopped at. All the flying felt like it took forever but I made it back to the east coast to get picked up by John, go home, and go to bed.

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