I’m sitting at Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea (isn’t my hair getting long?), trying to find a recipe for something to take to a potluck I’m going to tonight with my friend Brittney. My coffeehouse usual is a latte that I sweeten with honey and put cinnamon in it. Something about that makes these lattes (I’ve never had this happen in any other one I’ve had before) have a goo at the bottom that reminds me of snot. It’s gross. I miss SpyHouse (where the aforementioned drink is called a Miel).

I have been spending a lot of time on my new address announcements things recently. I have been writing letters and such for them too and it’s become quite a process. I want some new stationery really badly. I haven’t written in my journal in over a month and that makes me feel overwhelmed because that means there is a lot to write about. I’ll catch up one of these days.

I weighed only 129 the other morning! Yay! I need to get myself a scale so I can keep better track. I’d love to be solid 125. I went to the gym this morning and ran over a mile and tried these new ab exercises that totally killed me. Well, not really. It was tough but I’m going to start doing it regularly. When I quit my YMCA in Alexandria, the people working were all sad that I was leaving but the Y in Roanoke is a lot nicer. I look forward to officially joining here and getting set up on Fitlinxx.

But anyway, that’s my day today and what I’ll look like during it.

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