first project.

I wanted to make cupcakes to take to potluck tonight but I chose to make Pumpkin Whoopie Pies from that VeganYumYum blog I’ve been raving about. Mmm, baked goodness. And vegan, too! I only had a small amount of cash to buy all the ingredients with (my debit card won’t come in the mail for another week) so I was walking around the grocery store with the calculator on my cell phone, making sure I only bought what I had the means for. Then I got home and realized we didn’t have a cookie sheet or measuring cups.. ya know, important things. Luckily, I had a some money set aside that I remembered so I went to Target for my remaining supplies.
The batter was really thick and I only had a bowl about half the size of what I should have used. That’s on my next Target shopping list.
Baking away… I am a big fan of those silicone baking mats (Silpat or otherwise). They are very helpful.
Mmm, cream cheese filling. I also don’t have a cooling rack (it’s in Minnesota!) which made the process of cooling these guys a little more involved. (Terrible lighting. Boo.)
Close up! They would fit in the palm of your hand, I’d say.

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