It’s been too long since I have written about life. I have been busy since being thrown into working full time but I am enjoying it for the most part. I work at a small place in the Wachovia Building (where there are a lot of stressed out tenants) downtown, by myself. They have had trouble keeping someone employed here because it’s really slow and boring but I don’t mind it so much because I get to read and write letters and journal and drink all the free coffee I can (which isn’t such a good thing). There is a really nice security guard that works next to me named Bernard and he comes over and tells me funny stories. It is nice having a set, morning schedule and getting off at 2:30pm. I still have time to work out and cook and relax and all that. I like making tips too because then I can spend money without really feeling like I’m spending money. The tips aren’t as good as they would be over at the main downtown store, but it buys me food.

Random note: May I ask, what woman with the security card to the wing of the building with the bathrooms, would spend time to scrape off the word ‘Not’ in two different stalls (and obvious attempts at others) just so the back of the door reads, “Thank You For Smoking.” That just seems to me like a waste of time.

I have been baking and cooking lots of yummy vegan things lately. I’m not always good at taking pictures of things but I made Mac ‘n’ Cheeze, Avocado Lime Tea Cookies (which use a cookie press but don’t keep their green color, unfortunately), Brown Sugar and Banana Spelt muffins (super yummy),
and for dinner last night, I made Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with Quinoa and Broccoli (not a big collard greens fan).

I also made some Orange Chocolate Agave Nectar Cupcakes (from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World) that just came out of the oven. I’ll photograph them later.

It was so good, better than I was expecting. I was pretty excited. I bought some Seitan and hope to make Wonton Soup soon. I am looking forward to fall and winter and making lots of soup. My mom has a cookbook called “The Soup Bible” and wanted to get me a copy but it’s out of print. However, I found a used copy on Amazon, which I think I’m going to buy. I have wanted to get a lot of cookbooks lately. I’m thinking I want to start putting together a recipe box, too. A company in New Zealand called Nut&Bee has recipe (I type that word wrong every time) cards that I really like (as well as lots of other awesome things).

I have been taking Yoga and Pilates at the Y and between that and lifting weights and increasing my weekly cardio, I am building up a fair amount of muscle, which is really rewarding. I haven’t lost much weight in the last month (maybe it’s all those damned baked goods) but that’s okay. I’m hovering around 133 and I’d like to lose a little bit more in time for all the weddings coming up but I’m happy with where I’m at. I still need to buy new jeans though since none of mine fit very well.

Needless to say, I am inexpressibly happy for my friends that are getting married, especially Chris and Faith. But there is also the other side, the part of me that is in some way, mourning our friendships because they will forever change when they get hitched. Maybe I’ve expressed this already (I don’t remember…) but of course, things will never be the same. Faith won’t be able to come visit me and see where I’ve been spending the last year+ of my life. I don’t know, the number of my friends that aren’t married is slowly diminishing and in some ways, I hold my fellow single friends that much closer to my heart.

Related to that, I am really super excited to go to Fest in a couple weeks and see Holly. I love that girl a lot, she’s one of my favorite people ever. It should be a fun weekend, even the 10 hour drive each way by myself.

As I mentioned, I work in the Wachovia Building, a company that got bought by CitiBank and a couple days later, bought by Wells Fargo which the employees were informed of last Monday morning when they came into work, which left them stressed and unsure if they will keep their job. That is a very unfortunate place to be in. I have been hearing about the financial turmoil of this country constantly on NPR and this morning, on an episode of This American Life (what a great show). I have never been a very politically minded person (though I did register by today’s deadline and will definitely be voting this year). But this seems to be inescapable. Now I’m wondering if I should be worrying. I have no line of credit, I have no savings accounts, I have no bonds or investments or anything of the sort and I more or less live paycheck to paycheck. Is that a bad lot to be in? Yes, I currently have a full time job, but it’s not guaranteed. Nothing is, I guess. Should I be thinking about the future and putting my money in and IRA or something? I don’t understand money, besides the fact that it sucks, whether you have it or you don’t.

And in conclusion, my cat is an adorable cat.

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  1. and if you were working a “real” job with benefits and a pension you would be wondering the exact same things as you watch everything you’ve worked for evaporate. Enjoy where you are at, don’t go into debt, and keep moving forward as you find opportunities that fit. (Don’t tell your dad I told you any of that:-)

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