I mentioned that I made Orange Chocolate Agave Nectar cupcakes and I finally took a couple pictures. They weren’t very good and I was disappointed. The taste was pretty yummy but the texture was really dry. That seems counterintuitive considering the recipe only used liquid sweetener but maybe it’s because I refrigerated them..? The frosting/glaze didn’t turn out like I wanted it to, either. I wanted it to be (powdered) sugar free but I wasn’t able to wing that. My goal was to make a Diabetes-safe goody for one of the security guards at my work (and just for the challenge) and I’m bummed that it didn’t work out… There is a vanilla version of this with a fruit topping which I think I’m going to try, hoping it will turn out better. I’m more motivated to find something for Bernard because his father had a stroke this week and he has been gone.
And this, this is how exciting my days at work have been. You could even make your very own if you had half an hour to kill.

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