I did some laundry today and almost all of my clothes got stolen. I’m just realizing all that was taken and I’m super upset… the only two pairs of jeans that sort of fit me and the ones I wear to work, my beloved Comeback Kid sweatshirt, one of my favorite sweaters, four of my favorite tank tops, three other shirts (also some of my favorites), at least one pair of underwear, and another sweatshirt thing. Approximate total number of articles taken: 13. And of course, I am more or less broke and don’t have money to replace all those things. Yeah, I need a new wardrobe after the weight I’ve lost but that needs to happen on my timing. I’m really pissed off. I need a damn house with a washer and dryer in it.

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  1. :-( i’m sorry that happened Kait…that sucks. if i see anyone wearing a Kid Comeback sweatshirt i’ll consider them the primary suspect and deal with them accordingly. seriously…i’m not kidding.

  2. Oh, Kait, that’s such a drag! I’m so sorry. Even if you could afford to just run out and replace everything, clothing (and favorite clothing) is such a personal thing.

    Hang in there!

  3. Um, for some reason this makes me really sad! I am a lunatic about my clothes, and now after reading this I am never going to abandon them at the laundromat again.

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