Apologies, again…

for anyone that still keeps up with this.

There really isn’t anything new going on, hence the lack of writing (or part of the reason for it). I am still working at Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea and though I dream of working elsewhere, I don’t have very high hopes for finding something else right now. I have been baking a fair amount in the last month. I’ve made banana split cupcakes, chocolate Irish car bomb cupcakes, the whiskey ginger ones again, apple spice, margarita, Mojito again, Brooklyn brownie cupcakes, and one of my favorites, cashew butter cardamom “breakfast” cupcakes, all from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I heard about a baking store not far from here that has, among may other things, lots and lots of pastry bag tips which I was very excited to find. I have been wanting to expand my collection.

Besides baking, I have just been persevering with my hand quilting project and have only sewed an apron and a couple hot pads recently. Not having an ironing board is still my main excuse. Now that we have had a week of random spring-like weather, I am feeling the drive to start making some skirts and dresses in anticipation of the net season. I am so over winter here! It has been really disappointing. The weather men are almost always wrong and I say if we’re not going to get snow, just get to spring already.

I am in the process of moving into a new apartment/house this week and I love the place. Vivian and I are going to be housemates again and plan to actually spend time at home, maybe even together. It is the bottom floor of a house-converted-to-a-duplex. The rooms are big with high ceilings and fireplaces in both bedrooms (the jury is still out on whether they work). We have a front and a back porch which will be perfect for warm summer nights with beer and books (I can’t wait). I also will have room to plant flowers and a garden which I am really excited about. The neighborhood isn’t as good as Grandin but it is no worse than the one I lived in in Minneapolis. It is only 5 minutes from my work and is the same neighborhood as my two friends (yeah, I pretty much only have two friends and Marcus). I think it will be a good set up and I hope to stay in that place for a while. I’ll post some pictures when I take some.

Speaking of Marcus, we are doing well. The completely opposing schedules (I work 6am to 1:30pm, he works 1pm to 9pm) is really hard for me sometimes and I feel like something might need to change when possible. We had the first full weekend together in a long time last week (Valentines Day, coincidentally) and it was really nice and I want more of those to be able to happen. I still find myself struggling with a lot of insecurities which is hard on both of us. (Do they ever go away?!) But I love him and is happy that we have each other. We are supposed to go to California together in July which I am super excited for. I have been increasingly California-sick the last month or so and can’t wait to go back and show him all the places I love so much. I’m dying to see the Pacific Ocean! We were supposed to be going to Kansas City for a wedding in a month but I am afraid I cannot afford it which makes me very sad. I was going to see both Kira get married and visit my friend Ann that recently moved there but I don’t think it’s going to come together :( Money is lame!

And I think that’s about all of the main things. Some other random things:

  • I have a goal this year to read lots of classics and re-read books I hated in high school. I tore through “East of Eden” and was so sad when it was over. I am now sort of trudging through “Great Expectations.” It’s not a light read. I want to get on to more Steinbeck and some Lee, Bronte, and Solzhenitsyn.
  • I very briefly rode my bike a couple blocks yesterday and it was wonderful (and cold).
  • I am totally in love with a radio show called TBTL out of Seattle. I think I have mentioned that before but I still listen to it every day and it’s great.
  • I began and endless game of Bejeweled on my computer at work and it really is endless.
  • I have come to the definite conclusion that I am pretty much unable to make new friends. Especially girl ones. I am lacking something.
  • I really, really, really want someone to come visit me.

I think that’s all. Everything I freely want to talk about, at least :) Here’s to writing more often.

2 thoughts on “Apologies, again…

  1. Cheers (I just raised my glass of Scotch to you.) I still want a quilt, so bad. And it is hard to make lady friends, or any friends, sometimes. I feel you.

  2. must be the ladies there that are the problem. . . you seem to have no shortage of friends elsewhere. You’re probably too cool for them.

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