Non-interesting happenings.

I react to things so emotionally sometimes. It makes me feel like such a girl. I don’t like it.

Vivian and I have moved into our new place and I like it a lot. My cats are adjusting pretty well although I’m sure the introduction of a dog (which briefly happened today when I wasn’t there) was a shock. I think Mona is going to be kept in one part of the house so the cats can have their own space since I’m letting them in my bedroom as little as possible. Hopefully they’ll all adapt.

I went to this place called Black Dog Salvage yesterday and it was really cool. There was a desk that I want but one was $85 and the other $125. I have been wanting to build a bookshelf for my bedroom with nice bricks and pretty wood and I think I found my materials but they are about twice as much as I was hoping to pay. I’m using our old futon as my bed for now which isn’t great but is better than an air mattress. I drove by a chair on the curb last week that I really liked and I tried to shove it in my car but it was impossible. And I was sad. The next day it got rained on and ruined. Boo. I have decided that I want to go to all the thrift stores in the area and buy lots of awesomely bad paintings to fill our excess of wall space. I found a couple old framed postcards that I love and put in my room.

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