Okay, here’s the deal.

My roommate Vivian and I moved into a wonderfully perfect apartment in Old Southwest and were subleasing it from Vivian’s boss (we’ll call her K). We have been there for about a month now and the day before yesterday, the landlady came by and yelled/told Vivian and we were trespassing, had no right to be there, and had to leave because she has new tenants moving in on the first. She had come by the day before to tell us we couldn’t park where K had told us to and didn’t say a word about trespassing. She had come by a couple weeks ago to check on something in the house and didn’t say a word about trespassing.

My guess is that the lease never allowed subleasing in the first place but K didn’t know that. She’s kind of a flaky person and never had her shit together enough for us to know what was needed or to even get Vivian the landlady’s information until recently. Still, from what I read, she needs to give us a 30-day written notice of eviction, if that’s what she’s doing. A week isn’t legal (unless we are over 5 days late paying rent). There is pretty much no way for me to get a hold of the lease to find out what is going on and I don’t have the landlady’s info (or K’s). I wish knew a lawyer I could talk to about this or something because I would like a straight-forward answer to what I can do.

Anyway, blah blah. It really sucks. Vivian and I have to find a new place to live and we might find separate places because there isn’t really any 2 bedrooms that are promising around here. Either way, a week is really short notice. Especially when I’ll probably have to sign a year-long lease and I don’t want to have be here for another year. Grrr….

I don’t know, I’m really upset and stressed out and worried about having to pay a deposit on an apartment I probably won’t want more than the one I thought I had.

Alright, enough complaining.

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  1. I have had to deal with shit like this. If I were you I would go online and look up Virginia’s landlord/tenant laws. There’s a pretty good chance she can’t just kick you out, especially if you signed a lease or a sublet agreement. If you didn’t sign anything you might be screwed. But if you did whoever has a copy of it is required to furnish you with a copy. You should get in K’s face about this, because it is all kinds of wrong. Be strong! It will all work out.

  2. Marcus’ lease ends on April 10th and he was going to stay with me for a little while so we’re both kinda screwed.

  3. You really do need to talk to K. If you’ve been paying her rent what has she been doing with it? If she has given it to the landlady, how can she rent the apartment to someone else? If she hasn’t. . . well, then you’re screwed, but I really feel for your friend in that case. Also, there must be a legal aid office somewhere in town – they are probably swamped, but maybe you could at least get a few minutes of a lawyer’s time. Hang in there girl!

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