It’s been awhile, surprise surprise. Just not that many exciting things going on around here. Things have been pretty good, though…

I found a place to live temporarily about three weeks ago. I put some pictures up on my Flickr. It’s 20 minutes outside of town in one of those pre-fab steel houses built for the soldiers. I live with a girl named Melanie and her three Chinese crested dogs (which I am not a fan of). My cats have adjusted pretty well so that’s good. That sore throat I thought I had in my last post was actually a choking sensation I had for almost a week which was due to stress. It sucked. I will only be there until July when I will be moving back to town to live in the bottom floor unit of my friend Jamie’s house. I am super excited about it, it’s pretty much exactly the set up I had wanted. Their house is where my cats stayed while I was homeless and Jamie, Adam, and Camellia look forward to being able to visit them.

Today I went to the Farmer’s Market to buy herbs and some vegetables to plant. I can’t plant a proper garden since I won’t be there to harvest anything so I’m potting everything. I’m pretty excited. My car smells like basil and it’s delicious.

After having read books like “The Gulag Archipelago” and “The Grapes of Wrath” in the last couple months, I decided to go for some light reading and have begun to tackle the Harry Potter series. I have just begun the 4th book which is nearly twice the size of the first three; so it might take me three days to read it instead of one. I am enjoying them greatly.

I am going to California in a couple weeks for a family reunion of my mom’s side, the first one since I was 4, I think. It’ll be a whirlwind trip but I’m looking forward to it. Of course it’s a weekend I kind of wish I was going to be here but I shouldn’t pass up a free plane ticket to San Bernardino. (Whoo hoo!) And six weeks following, Marcus and I will be up north for Faith’s wedding. I’m super excited for that undoubtedly whirlwind trip.

Marcus and I are doing well. He finished his website a few weeks ago finally ( and sent out tons of emails and got some good responses. He went to a few meetings in North Carolina and here in Virginia and has some work lined up through the summer which is exciting. He programmed a quiz for The Body Shop’s website for Mother’s Day that they were thoroughly impressed with. He is hoping to get by just on his web work and quit Nature’s Outlet. His boss there is either completely disregarding him or just extremely forgetful which is turning into a problem.

My birthday, and subsequently my brother’s, is in a mere 10 days. I don’t have any plans nor will I probably make any. I really, really want to go to a show in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on the 15th, a band from Portland, OR called Horse Feathers. That would include a hotel stay and all that though and I’m pretty darn broke. Marcus is playing a show ( on my birthday and I think I’m taking the following day off so I can party it up that night. Birthdays haven’t seemed like much for the last few years. New York and Boston was awesome last year and turning 25 next year will be cool but other than that, I’m not good at making my own birthday memorable (ever since the memorably heart-breaking 15th party) so I can’t count on it being too special. Which I am okay with. As long as Marcus gives me some extra kisses or something, I’ll be happy. (I’m actually asking for a Kitchen Aid mixer in my dreams and a motorcycle helmet in reality.)

Oh, and I’m a fan of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

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