it’s been a while again. maybe this should just be the expected norm: i’ll update you once a month. don’t expect more. maybe i’ll surprise you.

i started doing this thing i learned of from my friend brittney, a daily mugshot. it’s kinda fun, especially when i look at it a year from now. i always wanted to take a picture of myself every day and now i have a website to give me reminders and take care of the rest. lovely. (even if i’m not, always.)

marcus and i are going to california on saturday! i’m really excited about it! and stressed a bit, because trips home are always such. my bestest friend is getting married and i am so excited for her, even if the dynamic of our friendship will change forever. i get to be in the wedding and i don’t even know what my dress looks like! i’m about to go buy some hot black heels for it. i’ll try and take lots of pictures. i can’t wait to go to the ocean.

on a side note, may i just say that i cannot wait to live in a house with a dishwasher. amen.

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