Slowly but surely, my quilt will get finished. I started it just about two years ago (!) and I have finally finished the hand quilting of every rectangle except the border ones. I have to find the right fabric to bind it and then quilt the border pieces and it will be finished!! I am so excited. Probably only another 10 hours of work :) It’s the perfect size and matches our sheets and it’s great. I think I’m going to make some matching pillow cases, too. Thanks Amy Butler for designing such awesome fabrics!

I am starting to hand quilt a baby quilt that I (machine) pieced early last year to give to a friend having a baby this fall. I’m pretty excited about this project as well. Hand quilting can be very tedious and time consuming, but I think it makes completing a quilt even more rewarding. I want to do an orange peel patterned quilt (from the Oct 09 American Patchwork & Quilting magazine) that I might even hand piece, which would be a first. We’ll see! I don’t usually quilt in the hot summer but I’ve been wanting to finish these projects.

Since moving all my stuff around again (the sixth time in the last year), I have lost all the bolts and hinges to put my sewing table together and I’m a little worried about it; I can’t do much without that table, there’s no other surface in the house that big. Hopefully it’s in the last couple boxes I haven’t retrieved from my friend’s house…

Besides quilts, I have three other sewing projects in the works. I miss having a sewing buddy (Abby).

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