Marcus’s business has been going really well recently and he has been really busy. So busy in fact, that he had a company hire me to do a little bit of data entry they didn’t have time for. It was only about 10 hours of work over the last 5 days but it paid much better than my usual job does. It wasn’t a bad deal and it was nice to feel helpful and learn a little, however rudimentary. If he continues to stay as super busy as he has been, I might be able to help out again.

I made a peach pie yesterday and it turned out alright. Meh.. I didn’t like the crust at all, it was crumbly as opposed to flaky but the peaches were delicious. The are a lot of peaches around here, apparently, Roanoke has a Peach Festival and the Farmer’s Market these last couple weeks have been filled with them. So I joined in the spirit and baked a peach pie. Marcus is not a fan of fruit(y desserts) so I might have to eat it all myself :-/

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