This week’s project:

I had bought all the fabric with a friend of mine a couple years ago and sewed it into a different pattern that I ended up not liking, so I cut it back up again. This nine-patch block pattern is the redo that I like much better. It will be set in black and with a narrow inner border. I hope to finish the piecing in the next few days and quilt soon after. It will end up being about 54″ square which will be perfect for this certain someone :)

The quilt shop search continues… I am going to one in Floyd, a town about 45 minutes away, a shop that sounds very promising. Here’s hoping! A lot of quilt shops down here mainly carry reproduction and antique fabrics which aren’t really my style. I’m mainly going to buy binding fabric for my and Marcus’s quilt that is SO CLOSE to being done with after a year and a half.

(If all else fails, there’s always Crafty Planet’s online store!)

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