I had this really weird dream last night…

My best friend Faith was getting married (the friend that just did) in Chicago and I was there hanging out with her at the church all day. I went outside to wander around for a bit and when I walked back in, all the bridesmaids were changing into their dresses (which were turquoise) and I realized I had never bought my dress. I started driving around that area of town looking for a place to buy one but the only thing open was Walmart and they didn’t have anything that wasn’t really trashy. I got back in my car and was in the middle of texting Faith this mournful text about not being able to go to her wedding when I realized that I was only dreaming and that I didn’t have to freak out because it wasn’t actually happening. So I continued to drive around town until I found this artsy hotel by the water where you could see the whole skyline lit up and it was really pretty.

I went out of the dream for awhile but went back into it and I was hanging out with Faith again somewhere else (New York?) and telling her all about that weird dream I’d been having.

And then I woke up after having woken up from a dream in a dream.

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