Our little collective had a chili cook off this weekend. Marcus makes a mean buffalo chili so he took the reins on that while I baked, as per usual. I made cornbread muffins from scratch that were pretty good and for dessert, I wanted a light, summery cupcake. The winner: lime & basil cram filled cupcakes with raspberry mousse. They were perfect. I got the recipe from this defunct blog and in reading the comments, took the advice to use lime as a go-between for the basil and raspberries.The cups were a little too full (and even so, a recipe for 12 cupcakes still made 17..)
Gutless.The basil cream was really interesting, in a good way. It could have used a little bit more sugar once the lime juice was added but the tartness was also a good balance to the sweet moussewhich was much pinker than the original recipe, by the way. That might have come from using agar instead of gelatin which was significantly firmer.And there they are. Some got smooshed when our beer box fell on them but they were still delicious and a success.

Next: Lavender cream filled cupcakes with citrus cream cheese frosting.

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