More projects! I found so many blogs today and inspiration that I was feeling overwhelmed. So I focused on two projects I’d found that I have been meaning to make for a while. Coasters and hot pads, using scraps from my last quilt for both. I’m always excited when I have all the supplies lying around to make something so great (and useful). I think I might smell housewarming gifts… I am loving all these fabrics the more I work with them. I wish I had more to make all other sorts of things. A few of the fabrics are part of a line that is no longer in print which is a bummer. [I grow more and more determined to find a good fabric store. If they do not exist within 2 hours of here, I guess I’ll make a trip up to Burke to the Artful Quilter. They are awesome (though not as awesome as Crafty Planet).] I also attempted curved piecing tonight which was about as hard as I thought it would be which is… I need a lot of practice.

(Sorry the lighting is so bad in these pictures, I need to try again in the daytime. With a better camera. And maybe a tripod.)

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