I am making myself sit down and blog. I have so much to catch up on and that pile gets bigger and more overwhelming. So I’ll start with the fabric I have bought and received in the mail in the last few days which is always fun. Heather Ross’ “Far Far Away” line is said to be her last fabric line. I bought what is called double gauze and now that I have felt it, I am nervous about quilting with it. It seems really delicate..Denyse Schmidt’s “Katie Jump Rope” is a beloved line, one that has been discontinued so I could not pass up buying this pack of 6 yards. It is currently going into a Wonky Star quilt.

I bought a charm pack (32 different 5″ squares) of vintage sheets and look forward to making a quilt.One of the things I had taken from my Grandma’s house when she passed away was a set of sheets and/or pillowcases (I don’t remember) and I hope to incorporate them into it.

I went way out of my zone and bought Christmas fabric. (Yeah, weird.) I am prematurely getting excited about Christmas and will soon be making this tree skirt to bedeck the big, beautiful tree I will purchase and decorate this year while listening to Sufjan Steven’s Christmas albums and Marcus hides in his office :)

I got all my fabric that had been in some boxes at my friend Jason’s house and spent last Saturday folding and color coding my stash. It’s not nearly as large as I’d like but I was pleasantly surprised at it’s current status. (All my fabric is not pictured, just what is 1/2 a yard or less.)
I have the Nine Patch quilt basted and it’s waiting to be quilted.
I free motion quilted the previously posted baby quilt and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. I am by no means perfect but the striped binding is being hand stitched and it will be off to it’s new owners very soon. I’ll post pictures when it’s completed.

I feel so accomplished.

I did stumble upon a couple things in the stash-folding process.

This fabric that I bought years ago at Beverly’s (a much more legitimate quilting fabric store than thought) along with some coordinating fabrics to make a quilt but now I’m not so sure how to deal with it. Cut it up and use each fabric individually? Make a sort of faux patchwork quilt without much actual piecing? Or make something different like an apron? I’m actually asking you.

And some of the original blocks remain of this quilt, the one that in part, became the Nine Patch quilt. I was excited to find so much still left! A part of it is also going into the Wonky Star, some will go towards making a pin cushion caddy (I don’t own a pincushion!), and part will be destined for some other wonderful project :)

In other news, I had the most lovely weekend a couple weeks ago now.. I have learned that about 8:30am is my favorite time to get up. The sun is shining over our house onto the trees and post office out front, birds are chirping, Marcus is still asleep, the house is quiet and kind of cool. Ahhh… I baked some spelt banana bread (from my wonderful new cookbook by the girl of VeganYumYum.com) which made the house smell heavenly. I sat and finished the binding on this glorious quilt (and took a bunch of glamor shots)!Finally! I cannot even tell you how happy I am with it. I walk by the bedroom and see it on the bed and I can’t help but smile.

I started knitting a bias blanket, learning how to add stitches in the process. I am excited for a new project.

I have gotten it stuck in my head that I want to have a knitting club that meets at POP’s every week. I might have to teach some people to knit in order for that to happen but I’m willing to do that. I’m resigned to the fact that this particular project will take some time.

From the aforementioned cookbook, I also made Spicy Tomato and Chickpea soup and I loved it. It was some of the best tomato soup ever. Of course I had to abandon the vegan part and have it with a grilled cheese sandwich but I was delighted by how the chickpeas added a non-dairy creaminess as well as protein and fiber. The one thing I’d like to change is roasting my own tomatoes (as opposed to those from a can) and add a roasted red pepper. Then it just might be perfect.

Oh, and I also made lavender cream filled cupcakes with a citrus cream cheese frosting for a birthday party that I didn’t end up getting too but I took a couple to work and gave the rest to the birthday girl today. They were delicious. And I might be able to make and sell such things at work sometimes.In work related news, our espresso machine has been out of commission for 4 days now which is really frustrating. Dave (the owner) got a new machine Friday afternoon, hooked it up, everything was in Italian, he was on the phone for hours with the company, couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t talk to the manufacturer because they are in Italy, tried hooking the old machine back up, but the plug was busted and was only delivering half the power. And apparently this problem wasn’t a big enough one to fix until… this afternoon? We’ll find out when I get there in the morning.

I actually have a weekend off this week and plan to go apple and pumpkin picking and I’m pretty excited. I will be sure to take pictures of the trip and any delicious things made as a result. Oh autumn, how joyous you make me…

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  1. The only good thing about a broken espresso machine is being able to say "No." when someone asks "Can I geeett like a tall caramel latte?"

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