I wanted to get ahead of the game and start on my Christmas tree skirt today. These are the first log cabin blocks I’ve ever made and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be making many more. I used this tutorial and it was really easy, at least it has been so far. As seems to happen fairly often, I wasn’t crazy about the fabrics at first. I hadn’t noticed that Amanda Jean didn’t use Christmas fabric but only red and green fabrics until after I’d bought Christmas fabric. I ended up using some from my stash and it ended up nicely. I have never been very fond of holiday themed every day things like dish towels or hot pads that you only use for the month of December. But, I have more Christmas fabric left than I used so I might make a Holiday coin lap quilt. We’ll see.
My favorite fabric is the gingerbread men because it reminds me of some wrapping paper my Grandma used to have. When I look at it I can almost smell the back house where she used to keep the Christmas presents she bought throughout the year.

I am getting really excited for Christmas this year, as I think I’ve mentioned here before. Part of that seems to be trying to bring back the things I loved about Christmas in my childhood, when Christmas actually felt like Christmas. A number of things I took from my Grandma’s house when we were cleaning it out were Christmas decorations. Anyway, I look forward to the holidays, including Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I am getting commissioned to make a quilt for a friend of ours who’s having a baby in March and I’m really excited about it. I might have mentioned this before, too.. But he wrote me today and we’re going to get the ball rolling. I’m in a dilemma over how much to charge. If I charged only minimum wage for my time, that alone would be 130$ which is about twice what sounds reasonable to me and doesn’t even include fabric costs. I found a particular Etsy shop where the lady charged at least 250$ for baby quilts up to 875$ for a full sized quilt she made that wasn’t even that complicated. So I don’t know what to do, maybe I’ll discuss it with him and see what his price range is. But I have so many ideas! So many quilts I want to make! I think I might make a few baby quilts between now and March and let him pick which one to give to his wife. We’ll see.

Bonnie received the wonky star quilt yesterday and called me. She loved it and we got to talk for a while which was lovely. I miss her and I hope I can visit soon and meet the little one (who has yet to arrive, two days post due date and counting).

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