I’ve just been sewing away, when I’m not working or knitting. It’s getting bigger!
I finished piecing the blocks of the red, black, and white quilt and I love it. I had quite a time laying them out in a flow that I liked and I think I achieved it. It helps staring at the picture.I was going to do it 10 by 10 but right now it’s 8 by 8 and I’m deciding between a couple different borders instead of another round of blocks. It turns out I don’t have enough rectangles. I still wish I’d had twice as many different fabrics. I’ll sew the blocks together tomorrow(ish) and then figure out how to finish it up.

I worked on my Christmas tree skirt a little bit, too. I pieced the back, including three small log cabin blocks. They are only 2 ¾” big. I love them. The back is a little bit more whimsical while the front seems more.. grown up. Full pictures when it’s finished.On a side note, there is a tree in our front yard that I am in love with. I have been watching the leaves slowly change and it’s beautiful. I could sit at our kitchen table and stare at it for… minutes :)

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