Sewing, sewing, sewing, cutting, quilting, sewing, sewing… I have never been in this much of a quilting spree. I don’t ever want it to end. I’ll have a stock pile of quilts in no time :) I’ve even been dreaming of fabric almost every night.

I’ve been trying to blog a lot too, at least enough to stay up to date. I have also been reading a lot of blogs. I’ve been loving A Quilt Is Nice, The Sometimes Crafter, Red Pepper Quilts, and Crazy Mom Quilts. It leaves me wondering though, how do they get so many readers? Do bloggers need to market themselves? Some of these blogs haven’t been online that long but they are so… farther than me. I’d like to get myself out there and get read by strangers and make connections with other quilters and bloggers but I’m just not sure how..

I continued work on the double hourglass today. Not a lot, it’ll probably be slow going. I quilted the Christmas tree skirt and it makes me happy. Quilting has become my favorite part of making quilts. I don’t have the binding yet but it still is two months before Christmas. I have time. I also started squaring up the red, black, and white quilt which is officially my least favorite part of quilting. You can tell which blocks I had made three years ago because I didn’t have my 1/4″ foot back then and all the seams are too big. I ended up having to trim 1/4″ off of all the blocks which kind of bothers me but will ultimately be unnoticeable. I decided on how I’m going to frame and finish the quilt so that’s exciting. This should get wrapped up pretty soon.

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