The second baby quilt and the nine patch were washed and shipped today, off to their new owners. The baby quilt wrinkled up so nicely and the back was so soft. I made the patch by writing with Micron Pigma pens on muslin and sewed it on. I’m terrible at labeling but this method seems to be the easiest. Maybe I’ll be better about it.The nine patch turned out wonderfully. I’m super bummed out that the day it’s completed it’s raining outside and I couldn’t get any good pictures of it. Damned weather. But it was a beautiful quilt, believe me. This is my favorite of all the pictures..
I liked this mossy stone wall I found up the alley although the colors are a little washed out in this picture. I’ll have to remember that wall for future shots.This is the label I did not do the easy way, but embroidered on twill tape. I figured a wedding gift deserved better. Congratulations to the happy couple who will wed on Friday. I wish I could be there. I hope they like this.Here was my gray day attempt at showing the quilting. I did a vine pattern in the border to mirror this Denyse Schmidt fabric (which had previously been my least favorite), small leaves in each black triangle, and slightly wandering lines through each block to mirror another fabric I used (that I can’t find a picture of since I have no idea who made it).
Here’s to more free motion quilting adventures.

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