I’m having a really hard time sticking with one (or even two) project at a time. The red black and white quilt is driving me crazy. I’m ready for it to be off my project wall so I can put other things up there. one more border to sew together and three more to sew on. And then they have to be taken in a little so they lay flat.. and then it might get put to the side for a bit. I have been making some log cabin blocks out of a fat quarter set I got for Christmas a couple years ago. I wasn’t crazy about the fabric individually but I’m liking how they’re coming together. I hope to get two lap quilts out of them. I also started practicing house blocks and I’m hoping to make a couple lap/twin sized quilts from those for a couple people. I have a goal to start Christmas presents this week (did I mention that already?) and there’s one other quilt I’d like to start and finish by Christmas. Oh, that only makes six in the next six weeks. Plus the Christmas gifts and at least three doll quilts. Eek, can I do that? Do I have that in me?? I don’t know..

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