I’ve always like the “Sunday Stash” feature of some of the blogs I read and I’d love to have that someday but I don’t buy fabric that often. I did buy some today, though. I went to Old Trinity Schoolhouse in Troutville, about 25 minutes north of here. They are the only local shop that has even a little bit of Amy Butler.. maybe 6 bolts, and nothing that I love. But I found some things that I liked and have plans for about half of the fabrics.
Four full yards on the left for bags (including a Heather Baily and an Amy Butler), five half yards for various things (including two Philip Jacobs), and four fat quarters that I just liked, maybe for Christmas presents or things to sell..

I have decided that I want to upgrade my machine. I love my Pfaff and have gotten so much wonderful use out of it in the almost 10 years I’ve had it, but I’m finding myself wanting to sew beyond what it can. Part of me wants to stick with Pfaff and is looking at a GrandQuilter which apparently carries about a 1000$ price tag. I talked to the lady at the quilt shop and she suggested going to a store and trying different ones out. So I don’t know, that’s a big, scary investment.

..Especially considering I have decided to get myself a Christmas present of a better set up. I have rigged a table right now on some crates and storage drawers (partly held together with painters tape), the cutting mat is on the ironing board, I have a small ironing board on a sitting cube.. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. Plus I have my fabric piled on our TV stand (which might get occupied this Christmas :) and some metal storage cubes that I hate. I think it’s time for a trip to Ikea.

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