I made a few things today.. I started on Christmas presents and made a couple market bags using this tutorial but with quite a few sewing adjustments (she doesn’t always do things the simplest way). For some reason though, the first one (the yellow and green one) worked out perfectly and the second one gave me a lot of grief. I love them both though, and hope to use them at the grocery store soon. They’re both reversible which is fun. Both insides work with both outsides so I might make two more matched oppositely. I worked on the double hourglass quilt a bit more as well, and got over half of the blocks finished. I’m excited about this one. I spontaneously made a new cover for the little ironing board after being frustrated with the metal grate pattern getting ironed onto my fabric. It looks so much better, now I have to do the big one.
And.. we are getting a tv! A big one :) We’ve been talking about it for a while now (we bought the entertainment center almost a year and a half ago) and we can finally afford it. So, that means I have to find another home for my fabric which is kind of too bad because I like it all sitting up there. It’s nice to look at but it’s definitely not the most practical storage. This week I’ll be refolding, cleaning, rearranging, all that fun stuff. And just in time for my dad. Maybe we can watch some good movies on our new 42″ screen. Yay!

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