It’s my Monday check in with more fabrics. I had four quilt tops that I took out to get backings for and picked up a couple other cute things for good measure. The top three are for the red, white, and black quilt. I’m clearly going to piece the back but I’m not sure how yet. I have a couple blocks left over that I want to put in there, too. I went to Alpine Sewing Machine today at the suggestion of Judy at Creative Quilting to buy variegated thread it quilt it with and look forward to starting this 80″ by 80″ monster. The next fabric is a flannel to back a baby quilt top I made a couple years ago that I’ve always really liked. It will be soft and lovely. The next one is for this quilt that I pieced a couple years ago as well. This backing fabric doesn’t really go with the same theme but it caught my eye and I really like the coloring, which does match(ish). The next fabric, the lemons was just an Alexander Henry fabric that I found at JoAnns. Every once in a while they’ll have random bolts of better quality designer fabrics which is great. I want to get a coupon and buy more. The next fabric, the red flowered one might be the backing for the double hourglass quilt but I’m not crazy about it. I think I might go with a yellow flannel that I have. And finally, the last fabric is Alexander Henry’s owls and I LOVE it. It’s super cute and will be used very soon. Alright, back to sewing!

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