I had another productive day, even with a three hour trip to Target and Best Buy (not intentional) and lunching on the best burger I’ve possibly ever had, at Star City Coffee. I put the finishing touches on my Christmas tree skirt, the pearly snaps.
It’s reversible!

And just in time! I want to get my tree this weekend. Something big and wonderful. I bought some lights, a stand, and a few little decorations yesterday. My dad had brought me some of my Grandma’s decorations I’d wanted, an awesome antique glass bead garland and a couple bird ornaments. Christmas will be lovely this year.

I’d hoped to baste all the quilts I bought backings for but it turned out I needed to piece all of them, not just two and that took the entire rest of the day. But they look great and I like them much better than just a plain backing. So tomorrow I baste! And perhaps on Friday, while everyone is out shopping, I will be at home supporting Buy Nothing Day and quilting to my heart’s content.

I have also been practicing embroidery lately which is fun. I think I will incorporate some into a quilt soon. Pictures, eventually :)

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