Overall, the whole of Thanksgiving weekend was nice. I worked Thursday morning and it was pretty crazy. The Drumstick Dash, which Marcus and I ran last year, had 7500 participants and a lot of people came though the shop. We closed at noon though and I went home and whipped up some chocolate cheesecake (which was rich and amazing). Marcus’ dad had given us a couple venison roasts (and will soon bestow upon us a freezer full of more deer meat) so he made a pot roast, what he believes was his first pot roast ever made or consumed. It was my first time eating venison and it was really good. I watched movies while he began the ridiculously long project of re-tagging all of his music.
Friday I had off and I pretty much just watched movies. I did some embroidery and knitting and was just lazy overall which was really nice. I rarely let myself do that but I was being crafty enough to feel productive.Saturday I worked and… I don’t remember what else. Sunday I worked again and went and cut down our Christmas tree! I went to a farm here in town, found a nice one, cut it down, carried it back over a hill all by myself, and took it home. I set it right up, put on some Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas music (the only kind I listen to), and decorated it. I like sparsely decorated trees. Ours just has white lights and some antique glass bead garlands I got after my Grandmother passed away and two small clip on birds in the same chipped painted glass. I don’t remember them being on the tree growing up but I love them. I hung up stockings I had made for us last year that we never ended up using and they’re cute, even without a fireplace to hang over. I put on my lovely tree skirt and it was way too small which was a bummer :( The center hole is only 5½ inches wide and it needs to be more like 12. It would be great for a small tree but not a six foot one in a big stand. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to make another one :)Sunday night Marcus played a show in town with the ever lovely Vandaveer and Jonathon Vassar and the Speckled Bird along with the Sad Cobras. It was a really good show and they are all great to hang out with. Rose and Mark of Vandaveer and Mark’s pregnant wife Tamuna stayed at our place so we stayed up until 3am and it was good times. It’s the third time in 6 months they’ve come to town and I hope they come many more. I had taken Monday off and so we went to breakfast and they had to get on the road back home (to DC).

I basted three of the four quilts over the weekend but ran out of batting and pins to baste the red white and black monster. I had to piece the batting for the patchwork quilt which was pretty simple with my box of big scraps and a zigzag stitch on my machine. I began quilting the sugar skull baby quilt in a design that I’ve heard is really time and thread consuming. I did indeed run out of white thread and am waiting for a big box of it in the mail from Connecting Threads.Despite still working three of the four days, I got a lot of rest over the weekend and a good amount of yummy food. I missed my family, both Californian and Minnesotan, but it’s always nice to spend time with Marcus. Now, onwards towards Christmas!

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