Marcus’ solo project Extinctions had a show in Richmond last night with Jonathon Vassar and a couple other bands. It was a terribly rainy day and a pretty miserable drive but the show was nice, the venue was cozy, and the company was enjoyable. We stayed with Jonathon and Antonia in their log cabin which was wonderful. I totally want to live there. Jonathon made us breakfast this morning (with eggs from their chickens) and we were on our way. While in Richmond I wanted to go by a quilt shop and go to the Levis store because I have desperately needed jeans for a few weeks now, so I came home with a few spoils..
I went to Quilting Adventures wanting Amy Butler’s newest line of fabric, Love, to make a quilt for a specific someone and they didn’t have any :( But I picked up a few other things.

There is some Flea Market Fancy home dec fabric hiding under there. I’m not sure what I’m going to make with it yet, or any of these fabrics for that matter.This Anna Marie Horner fabric might become a laptop sleeve or a bag. Or maybe I can squeeze out both. I definitely should have bought more. I think I’d like to make a quilt in this style as well.This little roll is Jay McCarroll’s “Germania” line which will soon make a very cute baby boy quilt.

Oh Crafty Planet, how I long for thee!

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