I finished this quilt about a week ago but it has been either rainy or really windy so I wasn’t able to get any pictures until this afternoon (and even then they’re not that great). I like the coloring and I might love the back more than the front but I am kind of embarrassed about the overall finished project. No one look too closely!
I’ve never had a problem with puckers in my quilting but this one had some issues on the back. Well to start, I had but about 2 inches where the back went beyond the front, and you’re supposed to have at least 4 inches per side. I don’t know, there are a lot of problems with this but it’s just for me (I think) and I can handle it just fine. I was happy to use one of my new labels and I used a new method for sewing the binding down on the back called a ladder stitch. It was really easy and practically invisible. I have a couple other things I’m actively working on. I have about 7 WIPs (works in progress) and I’m looking to finish one a week. We’ll see how that goes..

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