Look Mom!

I haven’t been feeling very productive recently and it’s frustrating. I’ve been sewing a bit each day (on my featherweight which I love) but not enough to feel like I’m really making progress on anything. I finished the back for the Pooh zigzag quilt today and I really like it. I think I might rearrange the kitchen table to put my Pfaff on for quilting since we never eat there, my Singer is on my sewing table, and I have four quilts to quilt. Which reminds me, a week ago I got this:
and I love it.
This picture was taken last week, right after it was finished; it’s finishing it’s peeling right now so it looks kind of gross and really itches but I love the black work on the machine and the flowers are pretty (even if they don’t really look like African violets). I might get some leaves and some background added to it at some point. It hurt like no other tattoo I have but I already have the other arm planned out once I forget how much this one hurt :)

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