First completion of 2010..

..came two days late. But it’s a finish nonetheless!Sorry about the lighting, it’s nighttime. But I’m trying out some new tips from The Sometimes Crafter blog and her awesome photography posting(s). I’ll take some better pictures when it’s washed and crinkly.

I started this quilt 2 years ago and finally finished it up tonight. I had planned on putting it up for sale but there are so many puckers in it from the pebble quilting that I don’t think it’s good enough quality. So maybe another friend will have a baby soon that this will be perfect for. And maybe her husband will be kind enough to buy it from me even with the blemishes :)

And here’s a little something I learned just now: February is National Embroidery Month! Today I also stumbled upon this website and am quite inspired to improve my embroidery skills. I recently talked with my friend Bonnie (whom I made this quilt for) about using some of her doodles as embroidery patterns and possibly for stencils. She is a pro at drawing sea creatures that would work perfectly so I’m excited to get something going with her. Maybe I could get some friends to have an embroidery get-together this month sometime.

I also haven’t mentioned the extra 10 inches of snow we got this last weekend which meant no work on Saturday and a little sledding adventure instead! Well, I didn’t actually get to sled before it became unbearably cold and the people with the sleds left. But it was fun anyway. They’re calling for more snow this weekend but all accumulation forecasts are pretty unreliable.
I really liked the snow caught on random bricks of the church.Sean, Dawn, and Heidi went down on an inflatable mattress… which was flat by the time they walked back up the hill. Oops!

I sent off my Siggy blocks yesterday! The due date isn’t until March first so I assume we won’t get out blocks back until at east April. But I’m glad I finished them and got the out the door so quickly. Now onto other projects!

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