A little catch up.

The month of February was pretty productive as far as quilts go. I completed four baby quilts within a couple weeks of each other and it felt so great!
(Sorry the lighting is terrible!)

This was my first ever commission. It was for a wonderful couple whom I met through Mark’s band Vandaveer. When Mark stayed at our apartment and saw some of my work last October, he immediately asked me to make a quilt for his expectant wife. I went to DC to hand deliver it to him and it seems to have been a huge success. The baby is due April 4th and I wish her an easy labor.
The other three were made for no one in particular. The two on the left were started about two years ago and I finally got around to finishing them. The zig zag quilt was my first start and completion this year and I love how it turned out!

I pebble quilted the first (it took forever but it looks pretty great), free motioned flower and leaf designs in the circles and white spaces of the second, and straight line quilted the third in diamonds.The backing on the left is mostly flannel with some of the left over squares from the front, the middle is just plain white (how boring! I basted and started quilting it before I knew how important the backing is.), and I love the backing of the zigzag quilt. It’s blue flannel with a random zigzag using left over squares and added a tiny square of each character in the bottom left corner. All three have my generic label in a corner and might possibly make their way into an Etsy store one day.

You can see a few more pictures of all these quilts on my Flickr.

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