A wee explination.

I never really got into the reason for my previous blog break and I guess there’s no reason to get into the details now. Almost any time in my life I’ve made plans to do something (big), they change. It’s rarely welcome at first but it adds to the adventure of life, I suppose…
Marcus and I have jumped a pretty major roadblock in the last 6 weeks or so. It’s interesting the cycles we find ourselves in in life and how hard it can be to break them. But life on the other side can be so much more promising. With this hurdle more or less behind us (there’s still work to do), we are looking to the future. No specifics yet but I’ll tell all when the time comes.

I am having a really hard time posting pictures on here since my computer crashed and I’m no longer using iPhoto. Picasa isn’t making much sense to me and Flickr is being complicated. I’ll try and figure it out though because I have some things to show off!

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