My friend Catherine graciously gave me a box of crafting books and patterns that she found while cleaning her aunt’s house. There are a lot of things I’ll probably never actually use but it was really neat to look through. One of the Great American Quilting books on the bottom had a lot of great projects in it, a couple I’ve really wanted to try like the Double Wedding Ring.
I just really love the cover design of this one, I kind of want to frame it and put it on the wall.
This was the oldest booklet in the pile, it’s “The History of Tapestry” from 1927.
This was the newest thing in the pile, a Woman’s Day magazine from the mid 1960s. Was that facial expression supposed to be flattering?
There were a lot of knitting and crocheting books for dresses, sweaters for all ages, booties, hats, sleeping clothes, blankets, you name it. There was a couple things about tatting and embroidery and monogramming. It was entertaining if nothing else. Thanks Cat!
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