Spring has definitely sprung.

I finished it and I love it! I’m terrible at taking full body pictures of myself though. It doesn’t fit perfectly in the underarm area (I usually have that problem) but it’s super cute. I love the pockets, I think they are my favorite part. I got the pattern from a lovely little online shop where everything is cute and I want to make all everything. I made a good number of notes on this pattern of things to do differently so I may end up with multiples of this pattern. I want to wear a lot of dresses this summer and this is the first step. It came together pretty quickly. I rotary cut the whole pattern with a pinking blade (? serrated? zig zag? I don’t know what it’d be called exactly.) which was something I’ve never done before but it worked really great; it will probably become the norm.
I have not one but two commissions in the works. One is a trade for a Gocco machine and one will be a nice big project (partly) using old suits. I’m excited about them both and will update as I can.

I have been inspired by some blogs lately (like Decor8, brought to my attention by my friend Lindsay, and Apartment Therapy) to try and redo some of our apartment. I’m hoping to not buy too much but rather refinish a couple things and make some things and paint some things. I’d love to become a thrift store and flea market decorator but it’s kind of intimidating to me, honestly. We’ll see how it goes. I’m in some serious need of storage for my fabric. I took apart the wire cubes that I hated and now I just have everything in cardboard boxes. I’d like to make a bookshelf unit out or old drawers, possibly. Maybe this will become my summer project.

Marcus and I are running an errand to NYC on Sunday. The police found the stolen van that Red Clay had taken on tour so we have to take Doug, the van’s owner up there to get it. I haven’t been to New York since my birthday two years ago and while we won’t be spending much time there at all, I’m really excited about it. I get to see my good friend Josh who I haven’t seen in three years or so. I’m looking forward to hanging out with him and Marcus meeting him (I think they might get a long really well), and I might even get to see my old friend Jason, too. Josh, Jason, and I worked at Chrestomathy together in Minneapolis but have all since moved away from MN. The three of us, along with our friend Verity were drinking buddies for a while, a time I remember very fondly. But anyway, our mini road trip will be fun.

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