A little jaunt up north.

I got to take a little trip up to New York City this week. When Marcus and Red Clay River were on tour, their van got stolen in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The van was recovered but all that was left inside was an oil drum, a cinder block, and Marcus’ 20$ mandolin. The lock and steering wheel had been punched and I’m surprised they even left the van behind. So Marcus and I had to drive the van’s owner Doug and his lady up there to retrieve it, during which I tried to work on a few hexagons. We left Sunday morning and were expecting to leave Monday afternoon but the fixes took longer than anticipated and in a bit of frustration (more on his part than on mine), we had to stay until yesterday. I enjoyed the time up there; we stayed with my good friend Josh whom I hadn’t seen in about three years. We ate some good food and walked around a lot (like ya do). Marcus got to see his friend Dave after 10 years and we hung out at his house with his wife Jen and little one Jed a couple nights which was really fun. We ventured into Manhattan so that I could go to Purl SoHo, a lovely little fabric and yarn shop that ended up being much smaller than I was imagining. It was a great shop but I didn’t end up buying anything, much to Marcus’s surprise. I did take away the truth of people’s gushing about Anna Maria Horner’s Voile fabric. I’ve read on numerous blogs about how soft it is and I always thought, “okay, yeah, soft..” but it really is that soft. I couldn’t pick which ones I wanted (of that line or any of the fabric there) so I decided to wait until I have a bit more money and I’ll order it from them online. They had Liberty fabric which I had never seen in person and I like it a lot more than I thought I would but at 38$ a yard I don’t know I’d ever find reason enough to buy it.

I wish the trip had been under better circumstances but I had a nice time.

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