Slowly but surely..

I started quilting this beast. It’s the largest quilt I’ve tackled on my little Pfaff but I have a bigger one coming up so I hope this goes well! I am using Mettler variegated polyester thread and I am having a lot of problems with tension. I think, which may or may not fix it, that my machine needs a tune-up. It’s been a few years and I’m pretty bad at cleaning it on my own. I anxiously await the backing fabric for my large hexagon quilt in the mail (probably tomorrow!) but all my basting pins are being used on the aforementioned quilt so I’m using that as motivation to get this one quilted.
I finished the baby red, white, and black one. It didn’t come out exactly like I’d hoped but I’m okay with that. I will post pictures when I wash it. (How amazing will it be to have my own washer and dryer one day?! Hopefully by the fall.)

I added yet another button to my sidebar, this one for Texas FrecklesHexagon Charm Quilt Along. Mine will not be a charm quilt (defined as a quilt where each piece is a different fabric) but 1″ hexagons can be tedious anyway and I’m hoping for some inspiration and encouragement. I’ve roped my friend Lindsay into hexagon obsession as well :)

It’s been three whole days now since Marcus moved. Other than waking up once and thinking he’d fallen asleep on the couch only to realize he doesn’t live here anymore, it’s been okay. I’ve been sewing a lot and cooking a little, enjoying the weather and one of these days I’ll get around to scrubbing the house clean. He’s having a really great time so far which leaves us both hopeful that we’ll be moving to Winston-Salem by the end of the summer. It’s still too early to decide but here’s hoping!

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