Good times.

I returned to Roanoke today after a lovely weekend with Marcus. Going down on Thursday after work, I saw his job and met his coworkers and we had a lovely evening together. Friday we drove to Wilmington for RadFest, a music festival Red Clay was playing. The festival was a bit of a disappointment. It wasn’t well organized and a good number of bands dropped out. It was a neat little town though and Marcus was gracious enough to take me to the ocean (he has two week old tattoos on his legs that sand and water do not agree with).
(Haha, that’s kind of a funny picture now that I’m really looking at it.)

We were going to stay through Saturday but we decided to just head back and spend an extra day in Winston-Salem. Sunday was great, we went to the Greek Festival, the large Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, and then laid around and watched tv. It was just about perfect :)
Monday was my birthday (I’m a whole quarter of a century now!) and Marcus had to work but we had a delicious Indian dinner and played trivia at Silver Moon (very fun). His roommate Mary Lauren and her boyfriend Jonan (in town from NYC) came and it was fun to hang out a bit.

I liked Winston-Salem a lot, as does Marcus. His job is downtown and is centrally located to a great coffee shop, lots of good restaurants and bars, the arts district, and it’s a short drive to the house he’s living at now. It’s an affordable city and has some similarities to Roanoke (the good things) but has a lot more going on. I could see us being happy there.

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