A two-hour drive is nothin’.

It makes me want to drive down to Winston-Salem every time I can. But that’s not very practical, is it. I did go down Saturday night after work to be able to see Riley Baugus and Tim Ericksen, two guys that worked on the movie and soundtrack Cold Mountain. They played in a cool space called The Garage, right around the corner from Marcus’ bar. It made me further realize how amazing mountain (Appalachian) music is. We went to another show on Sunday night where I was lucky enough to see Brown Bird from Providence, RI for the second time in a week (Red Clay played with them here is town last Wednesday). Marcus is friends with them and they were really wonderful. They played in a great DIY space in Greensboro called Legitimate Business. I’d definitely like to go there again.

We did a big thing on Sunday… We looked at a house. To buy? Eek! It has it’s quirks but it’s a really neat house. We’ll see how it plays out. But with that said, we have decided to move down there for real, as soon as possible. My job is driving me a little bit more crazy every day and I’m ready to do something new. Winston-Salem seems to be a pretty great city. I look forward to trying it out for a while :)

This week, my goal is to quilt two quilts. I’m not positive I can do it but I’m going to try. I will be spending many hours in planes and airports this weekend so I’m hoping to sew some binding on and have it all ready to give it to it’s intended. (Only three months late.)

Lost made me cry. I’ll admit it. But really? That was the ending?! I thought I liked it when everything was wrapping up nicely but then I thought that there’s no way Lost could end with everything being answered, that’s just not the way the show worked. But now it’s all over and we can move on with our lives.

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