A blog post! For real!

I know, it has been unforgivably long since my last posting. Not only have I not written a blog post, I hadn’t read any of my blogs in Google Reader. I finally took the plunge a couple days ago and have been both immeasurably inspired and cheered up a little when noticing how little some other people have posted since summer began as well. Here’s to jumping back on the wagon! I might even try and give myself a post-once-a-day challenge. It’d help with the catch up!
I have a bit of exciting news on the blog front — this is my 300th post! That’s kind of crazy! It has taken me quite a while to get here, about three years I think (that’s a guess, I’m too lazy to check out my archives :). I wish I had enough readers or cool things to justify a giveaway or something but for now, I’ll just raise my cup of tea in congratulations. Maybe for my 400th I can be a bit more lavish.

As you can probably guess, not much has been going on in the crafting realm lately but that’s not to say I haven’t been busy! After our trip to California in May/June, we found a house to rent in Winston-Salem, North Carolina,

packed up our apartment,
moved (on two of the hottest days in the year),
and adopted two dogs! Jackson, 15 month old Broholmer? Ridgeback? Boxer? We’re not sure.

Adelaide, 4 month old black lab.
And of course, Amos. Fresh out from under the covers and looking adorable.

We are slowly but surely settling into the house, learning how to train dogs, and quickly making friends.

To ease back into sewing, I made a new ironing board cover earlier this week. That board needed it!Sorry for the terrible picture :(
I got the fabric at JoAnns and I love it; I might decorate our dining room with it as inspiration.
I made a holder for all our plastic bags now that we use a few of them a day.

I’m hoping to paint the kitchen black and turquoise soon so I went with that coloration. I want to make some hot pads too but I’m being so indecisive about every aspect of them. They’re not rocket science, Kait, just get to it!

I have made very little progress on the hexagons in the last few weeks. I have 241 of them basted so far. I swapped some fabric with a friend for a little more variety which will be nice. As you can see, I have 18 sewn together and a couple strips of four and five hexagons that need to be added to.
I have a couple other new quilts in the planning stages, also, beside the couple that still need their quilting completed. Now that I’m thinking about it, my to-do list is quite long! Here’s to motivation!

3 thoughts on “A blog post! For real!

  1. They were not allowed to live at our last apartment so I had them living with a coworker who ended up being horribly allergic. The only other homes I could find required separating them. Amos had a wonderful house and is as sweet as ever. Astrid, after being neglected at one place :( ended up living at a community center/house of sorts and became an outdoor cat. Last time I tried to catch her there, she freaked and hid (she's as skiddish and talkative as ever). After much debate, I decided I'd leave her there where she gets to roam free and catch birds (which she's very good at, apparently) and gets all the attention she could want. We may adopt a second kitty eventually, though…

  2. PS Abby: I know I totally owe you a letter or a phone call! It's been way too long! You are sorely missed. (Come visit! :)

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