Summer adventures.

Marcus and I took the dogs to go swimming today, hoping to turn them into water dogs. (Who knew there was such a thing as Addie seemed a little more into it and while Jackson would go in (after her, usually), he didn’t really seem to enjoy it.
We’ll make them though! They were both awfully cute on the ride home while they slept. It’s good Addie’s so adorable because she’s a piece of work!

I made a small quilt block yesterday, intended for a hot pad. Its called Love in a Mist from the Modify Tradition blog and I love it. The directions were for a 12″ finished block and while I wanted a 9″ finished block, my math was off and I ended up with one closer to 7″. I’ll just add a border though and it’ll be fine.I used the blue and grey colorway of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley and I can’t wait to make a whole quilt out of this line (or maybe two). I almost don’t want to make it a hot pad because it might get worn quickly but where better to use a quilt block than somewhere it will be often admired and prove useful?

Speaking of the kitchen, we made a pretty good dinner tonight. I made a savory cheesecake to be eaten tomorrow, since they’re supposed to rest 4 hours or overnight so I’ll let you know how that turned out later (overcooked, I know, but hopefully still good). Marcus made aioli fried new potatoes, steak, and green beans. We’ve made the potatoes a couple of times and this might have been the best yet. I have been on a sweets kick (lady time = chocolate time) so in the last week I’ve made cheesecake brownies and blondies with whiskey and chocolate chips.

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