I got them!

My siggy blocks arrived in the mail today, forwarded in a timely fashion and everything! I was worried about them when we moved but here they are and I’m pretty excited about it. I think it deserves my project wall being put together so I can figure out my layout. Thanks to Rachel for all her hard work!I have a funny cat (and beautiful!). Amos has always liked plastic bags. He likes to crawl in them and lick the inside (he likes to lick windows too; he was a preemie and might have some weird vitamin deficiency or something). Sometimes on his way out, he gets caught in the handle and will proceed to walk around with it on for a while. It’s pretty adorable.
And, as it happens, yesterday marked 4 years of me having him. He fit in the palm of my hand when I got him and I had to bottle feed him for the first few days. A week or so after I got him I went through a trying break up and he slept on my shoulder, keeping me company and lifting my spirits. He has learned when we wake up and will come lick me and play with my plugs (‘earrings’). Marcus and I are both so happy to have him with us (even if he hasn’t warmed up to the dogs yet). I love you Amos! I’m glad you’re mine!

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