In fond rememberance.

When I was 15 and walking my boyfriend at the time out to his car at my dad’s house, we found two puppies running around our street. Bringing them in I asked my dad and step-mom if they recognized them. Long story short, we found out later than they were from a nearby farm that had had multiples litters of puppies and these two had escaped. They were chocolate lab/Australian shepherds and we named them Boomerang and Matilda, Boomer and Tilly for short.

Well, that was about 10 years ago and sadly, Boomer passed away last night. My dad called with the news and a trace of tears in his voice. I hope that Boomer is in a better place and that Tilly doesn’t feel too lost in the world. He was a big doofus but such a sweetie.

You will be missed, Boomerang.

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