Goings on.

I spent some time in my sewing room today getting it set up a little bit more. As much as I wanted to wait until I paint, I hated working in such an unorganized space. It’s not such a big deal having to take a couple things of the wall and pull a couple of nails when it comes time. I’ve been looking at blogs and Flickr trying to find some inspiration, especially with paint colors (I’m second guessing the pink. Not that I don’t like it but I might like something more?)… no luck yet but I’m determined.

I finished the Love in a Mist potholder, finally! I did super simple quilting, just a few lines, and after messing up the binding, remembered how to do it right (the loop makes it a bit more tricky than typical continuous binding) so now we have one that actually works. I hope to make more, soon.
I also baked yeast bread successfully for the first time and boy am I proud :) I was nervous about it because it seemed really wet and I failed to notice I was supposed to bake it in a 6-8 quart pot and made it in a 3 quart pot, but besides being a little burnt on the bottom it was delicious! I look forward to having it with eggs in the morning.
And, last but not least, I mowed our back lawn. It’s big lawn and it was pretty overgrown and wet but I kind of enjoyed myself :) It was a nice accomplishment and makes me want to start working on some landscaping and gardening. I hope my step-mom Kathy and my dad come out in the next couple months because she is an avid gardener (and an architect which helps, I think) and can help me make this place even more beautiful. I now vow to mow the lawn about once a week or every ten days.. I’m honestly not sure how often it will need to happen. But I will keep on top of it!

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