Lovely weekend.

Besides the things already written about, I have been working on my hexagons more of late, probably because we have been watching more movies lately (“Blue Velvet” last night, a very weird movie that I fell asleep during, and “American Splendor” the night before, a really wonderful movie). I decided not to keep organizing them by color but just putting them in as I make them. I like to just stare at them sometimes :)
Part of my room decorating was putting up a branch and making some stuffed birds. They are a pain in the butt to stuff and I gave up on them for the night but maybe I’ll take them to Stitch and Bitch tomorrow to finish. I had also hung a branch up in the bathroom to hold some of my earrings and bracelets. I don’t have a whole lot since I have my ears gauged but it’s a nice way to display them none the less.

I started on my long awaited selvedge spiderweb quilt!

I am using linen for the base kites and was complaining about how much fluff the fabric was creating when cut until I realized I had accidentally put two blades on my rotary cutter. Whoops! (Though not the first time I’ve done that.) I am using both selvedges (text and patterned) and I’m loving how it’s coming together.

Perhaps the greatest part of the weekend? The weather! It didn’t get above 70 degrees and was overcast and often raining the whole time. Perfect for sewing (though not perfect for walking dogs) and drinking tea, two of my favorite things. If it wasn’t for the still-present humidity, it would have felt like autumn. I am so stoked to use our fireplaces when it gets colder and as of today, I am on a mission to get a 4 foot white tinsel lit Christmas tree for my craft room when it is the season. I want my studio to be like this one. I’m pretty excited about Christmas.

I spent a little time with my siggy blocks. I tried a couple different layouts I’d had in mind since the beginning.

I will probably go with the second layout. I was struck by how small of a quilt they make on their own and I’m not sure if I want to make it into a wall hanging or add borders or something to make it full sized. Shortly after arranging them on my design wall, Adelaide ran into it and knocked it all over so I get to try again..

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