I made a teapot cozy today, just sat down and made it up as I went along.

And I really don’t like it.

I think it’s a little too small so it bunches out funny. I’m bummed because I like the fabric I used (the patterned selvedges of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley, my favorite wood grain, and some natural linen), so maybe I can find a smaller (and even more unpractical) teapot that it will fit over. It also bums me out because it lowers my self confidence in making ‘patterns’ up. I took pictures of every step, hoping that I could give you a little tutorial but it wouldn’t be worth it. I thought of a better method for making one as I was sewing the last few stitches (figures) so I will make one more attempt before totally giving up. Maybe this is a better use?

I have started the tedious process of refolding all my fabric. I have these great built in shelves in my sewing room and I want the fabric stacks to fit neatly and look organized on them so I cut out a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the size I wanted them to be and started in on the yard and more pieces, organized by color, patterned and solids.It looks nice so far. Now I just have to tackle all of the pieces that are less than a yard. Hopefully my stash will look like this (one day)! As I folded, I found more selvedges that I hadn’t cut off yet (I usually cut them off right after I get the fabric home and fold it) and low and behold, my selvedge bin is overflowing!

I better get crackin’ on those spiderwebs.

And just on a side note, how can I become as prolific a quilter as Ashley?! I am in awe at how she can crank out quilts like they’re nothing.

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